About Us

The Bedford Park District was founded in 1939 when a group of dedicated citizens formed the District as an independent governmental agency. Since that time, numerous facilities have been added and/or improved. Bedford Park District has established itself as an outstanding park district within the State of Illinois and is proud of its reputation as such.

About Our Programs

The Bedford Park District's year is divided into three seasons: Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall/Holiday providing hundreds of programs servicing residents and non-residents of all ages. Each season we offer an abundance of programs to delight participants with a variety of interests. Some of our most popular events include the Bunny Bash, Summer Camp Parent's Night, Halloween Party and Thanksgiving Bingo.

These Are Your Parks!

Please walk on the grass, smell the flowers, hug the trees, talk to the birds and sit on the benches ... but remember to:

  • Leave your alcohol at home
  • Park in designated areas
  • Get a picnic permit for groups of 25 or more
  • Go home when the park closes
  • Call us if you see anything that needs our attention 458-2265.

Four Lighted Ballfields


Interactive Splashpad

Interactive Splash Pad

Four Playground Areas

Playground Area

Impressive Indoor Facilities

Indoor Facility

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Bedford Park District prohibits discrimination in the provision of services, programs or facilities to individuals with disabilities in accordance with the law.

Clean Air Act

In compliance with the Clean Air Act of 1990, smoking is prohibited in all Park District buildings.

Illinois Association of Parks - Youth License Plates

Park Districts in Illinois have been providing Youth Programs for many years. The Secretary of State has recently approved the Youth License Plate. The license plates help fund youth activities. To apply for your Park District Youth License Plate, contact the Illinois Secretary of State at 1-800-252-8980.


Your neighborhood park is available for adoption! If you are a walker or a jogger, pulling a wagon or pushing a stroller, alone or in a group, become involved in the beautification of your park. Every little bit helps, from picking up stray papers and cans to informing the Park Office of vandalism or needed repairs. Help us to make your park beautiful! Call us today at 708-458-2265 to adopt the park in your neighborhood.

Lightning Warning

Lightning is a severe hazard that must be viewed seriously. Park users should stop play and seek shelter immediately when lightning threatens them. All park users must comply with the requests of the Security Staff regarding vacating park property when lightning is present.

District Map

The Bedford Park District resident boundaries include Bedford Park and Bridgeview Gardens.

The Park District maintains approximately 34 acres of parks, including 14 acres of property leased from Commonwealth Edison. Community Park is the largest park and is home to the District's Administration Office, Swanson Gymnasium, Lily Pad Splash Park, Ballfields, and Picnic Pavilion.