Request for Qualifications


Bedford Park District

This Notice is issued by the Bedford Park District and seeks responses to a Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) from firms for the performance of professional architectural and/or engineering services to complete and deliver the following Project:

1. Design and implement roof replacement and drainage repairs and/or replacement for the roof and associated components; and

2. HVAC equipment and control components replacement and installation plus repair of associated ductwork.

Responses to the RFQ (which should include Letters of Interest, Statements of Qualifications, Performance Data, and availability to deliver designs in June and July 2023, ability of professional personnel, past record and experience, and location) must be delivered to or submitted on or before the hour of __5___ p.m. on _____May______, _______25_______, 2023 at the Bedford Park District, 6700 S. 78th Avenue, Bedford Park, Illinois 60501, Attention: Kathy McMullin, Executive Director. All transmittal envelopes received by the Executive Director shall be date and time stamped at the time of delivery. Responses to the RFQ received after the above date and time will not be considered. Faxed or emailed Responses will not be considered. This RFQ process shall be conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Local Government Professional Services Selection Act (50 ILCS 510.01 et seq.).

Dated this __9th__ day of ____May_______, 2023.

Kathy McMullin, Executive Director


This request for proposal (RFP) document has been developed to design and implement roofing replacement and drainage 
repairs and/or replacement for the roof and associated components.


Bedford Park District is planning to update HVAC and roofing and draining at its facility at 6652 S. 78th Avenue in August 2023. The primary goals for this scope and request for proposal include replacing the roof for the facility and repairing or replacing the roof drainage system. There will be required coordination between the selected HVAC contractor (not included in this RFQ) and the awarded roofing contractor for logistics.

The objective of this project is to remove and replace 19,400 square feet of the existing Built-Up roofing system for the 3 adjoining buildings outlined in this project and provide warranty. The roofing scope will include replacement and/or redesign of drainage system on the roof, as the current system is not effective to maintain runoff of wastewater and keep sewer gases out of the building. The Bedford Park District (BPD) is looking for the most cost-effective solution to ensure appropriate water drainage for the existing facility which includes the pitched auditorium roof.  Replacement of the peaked auditorium roofing is not part of the scope of this project. 

A run-off calculation will be required to be completed and provided by the contractor to verify the proposed design is sufficient per Village of Bedford Park permitting requirements. There is currently significant water pooling, bubbling, and “soft” areas throughout the rooftop. There is some expected damage below some areas of the existing roofing that we are expecting to be replaced and repaired.  A cost-effective solution must be provided to address the large amount of surface run-off.