Bronco - Indians

Bronco Baseball

Age group: 11-12 year olds

Innings: 7

Bases: 70 feet

Mound: 50 feet

Drop Third Strike: Yes

Infield Fly Rule: Yes

Batting: a continuous batting order is used 

Pitching: Pitchers are allowed to pitch in 4 consecutive innings maximum in a game. In addition, each pitcher 
will only be allowed 10 innings in each calendar week. No re-entry can be used for pitching. Once removed 
player is done pitching until the next game.

Travel players can pitch throughout the year and in playoffs.
• 3 innings max per game combined

Bunting: Yes 

Stealing and Lead Offs: Lead offs are allowed. Stealing is allowed anytime the ball is live. 

Slaughter Rule: Yes, when there is a 15-run lead after 3 innings, 12 run lead after 4 innings, 10 run lead after 5 
innings, 8 run lead after 6 innings have been played. 

Dead Ball: only on umpires’ direction; otherwise, ball is always live. 

Special Note: no team can score more than 7 runs in an inning, if there are less than 3 outs when the 7th run 
is scored than the teams shall change sides.