8U Girls Softball

Age Group: 7-8 year olds

Innings: 5

Bases: 50 feet

Mound: 30 feet

Drop Third Strike: Not Used

Infield Fly Rule: Not Used

Batting: A continuous batting order is used 10 fielders are allowed (short center)

Pitching: Before Memorial Day coaches will pitch the first and last inning, the kids will pitch the middle 3
innings. Pitchers are allowed 2 innings per game in addition each pitcher will only be allowed 6 innings in each
calendar week.

After Memorial Day coaches will pitch only when 4 balls are reached. Pitchers are allowed 3 innings per game
in addition each pitcher will only be allowed 6 innings in each calendar week.

One re-entry can be used for the starting pitcher only assuming they have not reached their 3 max innings for
the game.

Travel players can pitch throughout the year and in playoffs.
• 2 innings max per game combined

Base on Balls: If the count reaches four balls when the players are pitching the coach will come in and finish the
at bat. There are no walks. The strike count remains until the batter strikes out, hits into an out, or gets on base.

When a coach is pitching a pitcher must have at least one foot in the circle, if no circle is drawn then they
must be within 2 feet of the rubber.

Bunting: Not Allowed

Stealing: Not Allowed

Lead Offs: Are allowed after the ball is released from the pitchers hand

Slaughter Rule: None

Special Note: Teams shall not score more than 4 runs in any inning including the 5th; no extra innings will
be played, so games can end in a tie. Scoring should not be discussed on the bench with players. All 5
innings should be completed if possible regardless of score, weather permitting.

Dead Ball: Play is considered stopped when the pitcher has control of the ball within the base paths (diamond)
of the infield.

Player will be awarded one base on the overthrow. Coaches should be aware of this and umpires are to
be instructed that the players cannot continue to run on overthrows, unless played on.

No coach is allowed on the field of play once play has started unless pitching after 4 balls are reached